The Woodstock Poems: Mikhail Horowitz

Since 1986 Mikhail Horowitz has been the speaking half–and, boy, does he speak–of a comedic duo with Gilles Malkine that brings the Marx Brothers spirit to the Norton Anthology. A later-day Beat, Mik once served as the Cultural Czar of the Woodstock Times. His given name isn’t Bob Pike, but it isn’t quite Mikhail, either.

Vaudeville Poet
–Mikhail Horowitz

Mad hatter.
Kvetch and
Hubristic lampoonist.
I’ve exhausted my vocabulary. Isn’t
Laughter a kosher aphrodisiac? Or did I already say that?
Hadassah has banned me from cruise ships. But I promise you, no
Octopus was harmed in the making of my Bar Mitzvah video.
Rugelach rapture in Ramallah: let’s rock ‘n’ roll, baby! No
Opinion is too low, but we do need a spell check.
When we’ve finished here
Treat you to gurus in tutus.
Zee end is nigh! My name is actually Bob Pike.

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