The Woodstock Poems: Golden Notebook

In 2009 the Golden Notebook had great success with Walking Woodstock: Journeys into the Wild Heart of America’s Most Famous Small Town by Michael Perkins and myself. A year later Jackie Kellachin bought the bookstore, which continues to do well with Walking Woodstock and our follow-up, The Pocket Guide to Woodstock. I wrote this poem as a gift to her.

Book People
–Golden Notebook

Get ready for the
Old-fashioned days when
Laughter began in the belly and
Drove both children and cockatiels to
Ecstasies uncharted by Freudians.
Never mind the Freudians.
Nobody important
These days to all the neuroses
Easily obtained over the internet.
Books are the devices that can slay you.
Once upon a time it was
Okay and it still is to
Kill time thinking dangerously.

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