Acrostic Woodstock

Acrostic Woodstock
98 Pages, Bushwhack Books
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Acrostic Woodstock

Poems by Will Nixon

In more than seventy poems, Will Nixon offers a portrait of Woodstock, a village of beloved shops, free spirits, artistic traditions, spiritual refuges, and unexpected moments of humor and grace. It’s a place to reimagine yourself for the day. Or a lifetime.

Praise For Acrostic Woodstock

“Don’t be fooled by the familiarity of Woodstock, or the seemingly gimmicky use of acrostics, don’t be fooled by how entertaining and accessible these poems are. Nixon’s is a sneaky kind of wisdom, and it’s present in every poem. He is the real thing. I will read and savor these poems over and over, hoping to learn something. I loved them.”
—Abigail Thomas, What Comes Next and How to Like It: A Memoir, A Three Dog Life

“Will Nixon’s poems fill your mind with wise, interesting, and creative acrostic verses on the complex inter-familiarity of Woodstock residents, places, businesses, and passions. Good to read for a total submersion or a daily dip.”
—Edward Sanders, America: A History in Verse, The Family, Fug You